Easy to Transport Commercial Parasol 3m – Easy Up

Portable Commercial Parasol easy to transport

Please note that the images shown are solely for illustrative purposes. Our parasols are available in a range of solid colours without prints. Should you wish to have a logo printed on your parasol, kindly contact us directly.

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Opening System for Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols with Easy Up

Additional Information

Printing techniques:

Digital printing, Flat printing, Hand screen printing

Canopy finish:

With valance or Without valance

Type of fabric:

Woven fabric, or Woven fabric made of recycled yarn (as an option)


Round (Octagonal)



Opening system:

Easyshift with lock

Canopy finish:

Vent or without vent

Type and colour of frame:

Aluminum; standard colour white (or black as an option)

Number of ribs:


Permissible maximum wind speed [m/s (km/h)]:

10,7 (38)

Pole diameter (mm):


3m Easy To Transport Commercial Parasol – with “Easy Up” Opening

Sometimes in the purchase decision-making of commercial parasols, important factors are ease of storage, transportation, and portability. This range of portable commercial parasols featuring the Easy To Transport function is our latest innovation. They incorporate a two-piece mast that is equally as wind-resistant as a standard parasol. With this innovative new range, our emphasis is on portability and versatility.

The covers designed for the Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols are also compatible with standard frames of the same size and range. Owing to the detachable lower part of the pole, even large four-metre parasols become far easier and more convenient to store, occupying less space than their traditional counterparts. These parasols are user-friendly and can be quickly folded.

This 3m portable commercial parasol has a gross weight of 11.5 kg and a net weight of 9.6 kg. The diameter of the mast is a substantial 60mm (almost 2.5 inches). Dimensions when packaged are 1900mm x 240mm x 240mm. Check out the mini video to see the Easy Up opening in action!

Customization options are available to include logos, slogans, and other branding elements using advanced digital or screen printing technology, tailored to meet the specific marketing objectives of our clients.

Indicative Prices for a 3m Portable Commercial Parasol

They are also surprisingly cost-effective! We are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price of these versatile and practical 3m portable commercial parasols. An indicative price for a 3m Easy To Transport Commercial Parasol is from just £371.64 for a polyester canopy or from £751.91 for an acrylic canopy + delivery + VAT. Quantity discounts are available. Depending on the many available options, pricing can be complex to convey here. So, please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Contact us now for more information. Tell us about your requirement and we’ll happily come back to you promptly with a quotation. Email us at [email protected] or call 01525 382938.



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