UV Protection Walking Umbrellas

Seeking shelter from the sun? Look no further, our range of UV protection umbrellas is the ideal solution to staying safe in the sun. Check out our range of hand-held UV protection walking style umbrellas.

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UV Protection Umbrellas

If you need proper UV protection, UV parasols are essential. With sun umbrellas for walking, there are a variety of different types of UV protection umbrellas to consider.

A full-length, rather than a folding UV umbrella will always be stronger in the wind. We refer to this style of umbrella as a UV walking umbrella. This does not mean that you can put your full weight on it and use it as a walking stick but rather refers to the curved handle (or “crook” handle).

We sell a number of UV protection umbrellas and hand-held sun parasols. If you have a real need for serious sun protection, perhaps a medical condition, then investing in a good quality UV protection walking umbrella is perhaps something you should consider. In many countries around the world, a handheld sun parasol is the norm. With the growth in awareness of the damage that the sun can cause (and perhaps linked to global warming) we’re seeing a definite trend in increasing sales of handheld UV sun umbrellas and parasols here in the UK.

And remember – sun parasols are not just for women read this interesting article about how popular men’s sun parasols are in Japan.

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