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Looking for novelty umbrellas? We just love a novelty umbrella up here in Umbrella Heaven.

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Novelty Umbrellas

Looking for novelty umbrellas? Firstly, we just love novelty designs here at UH. If you have any suggestions for other novelties you’ve seen around, please let us know.

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to define what makes a novelty brolly. It’s very subjective. What’s novel to one person, may not be to another. But, in any case, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, our novelty range may well be the one for you. Turn some heads and raise some eyebrows with our quality novelty range. Outlandish designs from a half tent/half-umbrella to a walking stick umbrella and everything in-between.

Secondly, from inside out to stealth bomber shaped. Novelty umbrellas can often be about the unusual new and distinctive shape of the canopy. An umbrella in the shape of a heart for example, or a hat umbrella! Dog design parasols and everything in-between. Perhaps a corgi umbrella for the corgi lover in your life? A pug design for the pug enthusiast? We’re sure to have something for everyone.

Lastly, nothing is too crazy when it comes to a novelty umbrella! How about an electric opening umbrella or an umbrella with an electric cooling fan built into the canopy? If you count yourself as an umbrollogist or a fellow umbrellaphile like us up here in Umbrella Heaven, then you’ll enjoy these for sure!

In the world of umbrellas, it’s always good to be striving for innovation. The novelty in an umbrella should really be functional and practical, never just a gimmick. If ever you have an idea for a new umbrella, come talk to us. We’re always interested in new ideas and perhaps we can help you turn your idea into reality?