Custom Umbrella Design Service

Dear prospective new client,

Is your company looking to have its own very special brand of umbrellas? I don’t mean just having some umbrellas printed with your company logo on. I mean the whole thing! 

My name is Rob McAlister, Chief Umbrollogist at Umbrella Heaven, part of Rob McAlister Ltd. We are a small specialist umbrella design business, operating since 2005. Working closely with our clients, we design umbrellas with a difference. 

I would very much like the opportunity to work with you to create your new exclusive range of umbrellas – some very special, unique, and distinctive umbrellas that capture the very essence of your business identity and brand. 

Rob Pfp Custom Umbrella Design Service

We have specialist knowledge of umbrella manufacturing and years of umbrella design experience, having worked with many valued and prestigious clients. 

An umbrella is a much-underestimated fashion accoutrement, and you may well be missing a significant opportunity by not exploring the possibilities of this iconic accessory. 

Whether a compact folding telescopic style umbrella – or a long crook handle walking style umbrella – or a larger golfing style umbrella – we can help create something of high quality with that indefinable classic character and je ne sais quoi, something that shouts out your brand loud and bold, or alternatively, whispers it subtly – your call. 

Although we always have our own ideas, we do not embark on a project without your absolute full involvement. To be successful we need to work with you as well as for you. So, the first thing we do with a new project brief is listen, and then listen again – to understand what you are trying to achieve.

We have experience in challenging even the conventional umbrella shape itself! – if that is of interest. For example, we have created Heart shaped umbrellas, our classic Pagoda umbrellas, Flower Petal Shape umbrellas, and Hat umbrellas. 

We’re not called Umbrella Heaven for no reason! Here’s an example of a recent project. This is a promotional custom umbrella for a new hotel and music venue complex in London. Note the slightly theatrical, gothic look that the client was seeking – scalloped pagoda-shaped double canopy, leather handles, and gold shaft. I’m not proposing that this would be suitable for your organisation – merely putting it forward as an example of some of the work that we have done.

Working with our clients we have designed and created beautiful canopy fabrics – plain or patterned.  

But of course, always function before form. When it comes to the practical functionality of an umbrella, we can advise on the best technology for the opening mechanism, the choice of canopy fabric and coating, and the design options for a strong, windproof frame. Single canopy, double canopy, overlapping vented canopy? UV protection?

And, when it comes to branding there are many subtle, stylistic, branding options that can be incorporated into the design of the umbrellas themselves. 

Here are just a few ideas.

An embossed logo on the zipper pull tag or perhaps on a press stud on the tie wraps.

Zipper Logo Custom Umbrella Design Service

Printed, engraved, or moulded on the handle. 

Logo On The Handle Custom Umbrella Design Service








An embroidered label on the edge of one of the umbrella’s panels or on the umbrella’s sleeve.

Label On Umbrella Custom Umbrella Design Service

On the tie wrap. 

Logo On Tie Wrap Custom Umbrella Design Service








Other added labels, tags, and insignia. Customer perception of quality is often about the small details, those finishing touches. 

Vogue Umbrella In Sleeve Custom Umbrella Design Service

Please do not assume I am proposing any of the above types of design for your company. They are simply given as examples to show how we work with clients to produce a product appropriate to their specific requirements.  We would of course initially need to spend some time with you to understand what you feel would work.

I hope this has stimulated some ideas and opened your eyes to what’s possible in the wonderful world of brollies. Please feel free to contact me at your leisure. I hope to hear back from you in due course.

Kind regards,

Rob McAlister

Chief Umbrollogist

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