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Around 20 Years Experience – Designing & Selling Umbrellas Since 2005

Commercial parasols stand as versatile essentials within the business landscape, offering not just protection from the elements but doubling as potent instruments for branding and marketing.

Up here in Umbrella Heaven, we’ve been designing and making umbrellas and parasols since 2005. Like for like, whether new or replacing,  we will not be beaten on quality, service, or price! We supply hundreds of different styles in a broad range of colours. We have many different opening mechanisms with canopies in different shapes – round/octagonal, square, and rectangular. Canopies can be vented or often with the option of an overlapping “second roof” type ventilation section.

Many of our commercial parasols also have options for heating and lighting. We can print your brand onto the canopy as a simple screen print or a complex all-over full-colour digital print. And we can advise on the many options for an appropriate base, whether a portable/mobile base or an in-ground installation. Moreover, we can also advise on appropriate canopy fabrics, such as polyester or acrylic. Some of our straight-edged square or rectangular parasols can be joined with connecting gutters.

Umbrella Heaven is a UK-based umbrellas and parasols specialist, that supplies businesses large and small throughout the world. Benefit from our nearly 20 years expertise and experience. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quotation. Email us at [email protected] or call 01525 382938.

Commercial Parasol with 12 panels in plain white supplied by Umbrella Heaven

The Value of Ordering Branding Parasols

1. Elevated Brand Exposure: Commercial parasols adorned with a company’s logo and taglines bolster brand exposure significantly. Placed strategically, these parasols function as silent endorsers, disseminating the brand’s essence to a wide audience. They are particularly impactful in bustling locales like city beer gardens and seaside promenades, catching the eye of many a passerby and embedding the brand in the public consciousness.

2. Superior Branding Quality: One of the hallmarks of a quality provider is the excellence of branding that endures the rigours of outdoor settings. The technology behind the printing ensures that logos and messages retain their colour and clarity over time, making for an enduring and cost-effective marketing solution.

3. A Broad Spectrum of Choices: Whether it’s bracing against gusty winds or adding a touch of luxury to high-end venues, there’s a parasol for every scenario. Such variety guarantees that enterprises from all sectors can find a parasol that meets their unique operational demands.

4. Creating an Ambience: Beyond mere functionality, commercial parasols contribute to the aesthetic and ambience of a venue. A well-chosen parasol can complement a business’s theme and décor, elevating the customer experience and fostering positive brand associations.

5. Fostering Loyalty and Sponsorships: Investing in branded parasols often opens doors to sponsorship opportunities, creating a mutually beneficial dynamic between the brand and the venue. This alliance not only increases visibility but can also cement customer loyalty.

Customisation on Promotional and Commercial Parasols

The scope for customisation on commercial parasols is nearly boundless. Available options include:

  • Company Logos: The cornerstone of parasol branding, placing the brand’s signature mark in a prominent position.
  • Promotional Taglines: Pairing logos with memorable slogans to enhance brand recall.
  • Welcoming Messages: Parasols can serve as inviting beacons, encouraging patrons to utilise a business’s services or to step inside.
  • Elaborate Graphics: Detailed and artistic designs that incorporate the brand’s logo, crafting an appealing visual that attracts attention.
  • Beach-Friendly Themes: Specially crafted parasols for coastal environments that blend durability with designs appropriate for beachgoers.

Commercial parasols are more than mere sun shades; they are dynamic marketing tools. For companies aiming to amplify their visibility and solidify their brand presence, investing in quality, branded parasols is a strategic choice that promises enduring advantages.

Commercial Parasols – Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Elegance and Functionality

In the realm of sophisticated outdoor solutions, Commercial Parasols emerge as the epitome of style and practicality. Tailored for commercial use, these parasols seamlessly blend form and function, transforming outdoor spaces into inviting havens of comfort and refinement. Whether you’re cultivating a stylish al fresco dining area, enhancing a poolside retreat, or elevating your business’s outdoor ambiance, commercial parasols prove to be indispensable assets.

Commercial parasols with branding.

Craftsmanship and Materials – A Symphony of Durability and Style

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Commercial Parasols are designed to endure the demands of commercial settings while exuding an air of sophistication. The frames, constructed from premium materials, provide unparalleled stability and resistance to the elements. The choice of materials not only ensures longevity but also complements diverse architectural aesthetics.

The canopies, available in a range of shapes and sizes, are crafted from high-quality fabrics. These fabrics are selected for their UV resistance, fade resistance, and weatherproof qualities, ensuring the parasols maintain their vibrancy and functionality in varying outdoor conditions.  Read more about our EU-manufactured commercial parasols here.

Design Diversity – Tailoring Aesthetic Excellence to Your Business

Commercial Parasols present a kaleidoscope of design options to suit every style and setting. From classic to contemporary, these parasols are available in various shapes, including square, rectangular, and octagonal, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Colour choices are equally diverse, enabling businesses to harmonise outdoor spaces with brand colours or create captivating contrasts. The option for customisation extends to printing logos or promotional messages on the canopy, transforming parasols into effective branding tools.

Size Considerations – Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Space

Selecting the right size for a Commercial Parasol is paramount to optimising both shade coverage and visual impact. The choice depends on the dimensions of the outdoor space and the intended use. Larger parasols are ideal for expansive seating areas, while smaller options work well for more intimate dining settings.

The flexibility to choose from various sizes ensures that businesses can tailor their outdoor spaces to accommodate different group sizes, providing optimal functionality for various occasions.

Beyond Shade – Integrating Heating and Lighting Features

Commercial Parasols transcend their traditional role by offering features that extend functionality beyond mere shade provision. Many models are designed to accommodate heating elements or lighting fixtures, enhancing the comfort and ambiance of outdoor spaces during cooler evenings or night time events.

Heating Options: Electric or propane-powered heating elements can be seamlessly integrated into the parasol’s structure, providing a cosy atmosphere for patrons even in chilly weather.

Lighting Features: LED lights integrated into the parasol’s frame or canopy bring a warm glow to the surroundings, creating an inviting ambiance. This feature is especially valuable for businesses that operate during evening hours.

Commercial parasols with all over digitally printed branding.

Wind Resistance and Stability – Engineering Excellence

Acknowledging the unpredictable nature of outdoor environments, our range of Commercial Parasols is engineered with a focus on wind resistance. Features such as wind vents and robust frames ensure these parasols can withstand moderate wind conditions, maintaining their integrity and stability.

Innovative mechanisms, such as pulley systems or crank handles, make it easy for users to open, close, and adjust the parasol according to changing weather conditions, adding an extra layer of practicality.

Installation and Maintenance – Hassle-Free Excellence

You’ll discover that our Commercial Parasols are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance. They offer businesses a hassle-free solution to enhance their outdoor spaces. 

Routine maintenance typically involves cleaning the frame and canopy to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. The use of high-quality materials ensures that these Commercial Parasols retain their aesthetic appeal and functionality with minimal effort.

Business Benefits – A Holistic Approach to Outdoor Comfort

Enhanced Customer Experience

Investing in Commercial Parasols goes beyond practical considerations; it is a commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience. Whether patrons are enjoying a leisurely meal, sipping cocktails by the pool, or attending an outdoor event, the presence of well-designed parasols adds an extra layer of comfort and luxury.

Branding Opportunities

Commercial Parasols serve as effective branding tools, allowing businesses to display logos, brand colours, or promotional messages prominently. This not only reinforces brand identity but also attracts attention, making the outdoor space a memorable extension of the business itself.

Extended Usability of Outdoor Spaces

By providing shade, heating, and lighting options, Commercial Parasols extend the usability of outdoor spaces, allowing businesses to maximise their revenue potential. Comfortable and well-equipped outdoor areas attract more patrons, leading to increased foot traffic and customer loyalty.

Cost-Effective Marketing

The customizable nature of Commercial Parasols turns them into cost-effective marketing assets. Businesses can leverage the parasols to communicate promotions, special events, or even showcase their social media handles. This dynamic advertising approach reaches patrons in a non-intrusive yet effective manner.

Conclusion – Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Commercial Parasols

In conclusion, Commercial Parasols stand as indispensable elements in creating inviting, functional, and stylish outdoor spaces for businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to expand your seating capacity, a hotel enhancing your poolside retreat, or an event venue aiming for a distinctive ambiance, Commercial Parasols offer a versatile and practical solution.

Investing in high-quality Commercial Parasols not only provides immediate benefits in terms of shade and comfort but also contributes to the long-term success of businesses by enhancing brand visibility, attracting customers, and creating memorable outdoor experiences. Embrace the fusion of form and function with Commercial Parasols, and let your outdoor space become a testament to both style and practicality.

Large square commercial parasols in action.

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