Gothic Umbrellas

Umbrella Heaven has created its very own range of deluxe, double-canopy Gothic Umbrellas. The scallop-cut canopy edges together with the exaggerated pagoda shape create a sensational new gothic-style umbrella – a sort of spider’s web-shaped umbrella, don’t you think? – reminiscent of some of the Tim Burton umbrellas, in particular the new “Wednesday” Umbrella!

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Gothic Umbrellas

Here we have our exclusive new range of Gothic Umbrellas. Treat yourself or gift a loved one with one of these luxurious double-canopy gothic-style umbrellas. With their distinctive pagoda-shaped profiles, they’re really an eclectic mix of both gothic and steampunk. Designed by our very own Chief Umbrollogist here at Umbrella Heaven, these gothic-inspired umbrella creations each have a double canopy. You’ll find that the canopies have sumptuous contrasting outer and inner fabrics in red, black, purple, and hot pink.

The shafts and tips are gold anodised and they are embellished with matching gold spoke tips and tie-wrap press studs. They also sport a deep-grained leather handle, some of them straight, some crook. Whether you call them gothic umbrellas or steampunk umbrellas, each is named after a famous mythical fictional character.

So, go ahead and take a look. What’s your favourite? Will you be a Morgana, a Bellatrix, a Drusilla, or a Vlad…? You’ll find these gothic-style umbrellas all incorporate high-quality modern umbrella design features. They are all comfortably big enough for two people, so you and a friend can share. Quality has not been compromised to style. The shafts are slightly thicker than most and feature a patented expansion joint for additional strength. We’ve made the frames of these exclusive double-canopy gothic umbrellas from strong flexible fibreglass. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how strong they are in the wind.

You don’t have to be a goth to appreciate these luxurious, high-quality stand-out new umbrella designs. And what’s more, they’re exclusive, they’re by Umbrella Heaven – you won’t find them being sold by any other brand.