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We often have a number of umbrellas on special offer here in our special offer umbrellas section. If you’re looking for a bargain brolly, or if you want to buy in bulk, take a look here in our Brolly Bargain Basement – or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Special Offer Umbrellas – Clearance Umbrellas – Bulk Buy Umbrellas

Clearance umbrellas at low prices! From time to time we are able to place some of our umbrellas on special offer. This can be great if you’re just looking for a good bargain umbrella or if you’re looking to bulk buy. There are many reasons why. This can be quite simply because we’re carrying high stock levels – due to a change of contract with one of our retail customers, for example, or an inventory management issue; it doesn’t necessarily mean that the particular umbrella on special offer has anything wrong with it or isn’t popular.

Another reason we’ll put our brollies on special offer is if we’re running a promotion. It might be for seasonal reasons. So, if you’re keeping an eye on the pennies because money’s tight, check back at our Special Offers category from time to time.

Sometimes, we will offer ex-display models or products with minor faults. If there are minor faults we will explain this very clearly in the description and will explain that these items are sold without acceptance of return.

If you need to bulk buy, possibly for an event, then these amazing clearance parasols might well be what you’re looking for. If you can’t find quite what you have in mind, give us a call or drop us an email. It may be we have a solution somewhere in our warehouse – and the boss is always open to a good old-fashioned haggle!

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