Walking Stick Umbrella

Wow, a walking stick umbrella – an umbrella combined with a walking stick! Ingenious! Check out our amazing walking stick umbrellas today.

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Two-Piece Combination Walking Stick Umbrellas

An umbrella combined with a walking stick! These superb, top-quality, fully windproof umbrellas incorporate a retractable walking stick. A practical solution to a real problem. Every now and then in the world of umbrellas, something genuinely new and innovative comes along. This is one of those moments. This innovation can make a wonderful gift for someone you know who is a little infirm. Or, alternatively, if it’s you who would benefit, why not treat yourself!

So, next time you decide to go on a lengthy walk, make sure you’re fully prepared! Or even if you’re just popping down to the shops. This trusty walking stick brolly will serve you well. Whether you keep it in your brolly stand by the front door, or in the back of your car. It’s there waiting to offer support when either your legs hurt or the weather takes a turn for the worse.

This is no gimmick. It’s a robust, strong, high-quality and extremely practical product. This travel companion is ideal for those who enjoy long walks and staying dry. Check out our super strong 2 piece combination walking stick umbrellas today! Available in plain black or in a checked pattern canopy. The choice is yours.

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