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Looking for a smart new umbrella stand to give your growing collection of umbrellas pride of place in your hallway?

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Umbrella Stands

Looking for a smart new home for your brolly? Give your growing collection pride of place in your hallway! Here we have a collection of umbrella stands which are simple and stylish with a drip tray to stop your floor from getting wet and slippery. There’s a pink stand, a black stand or a silver stand to choose from – even a parasol shaped umbrella stand! Now, whilst we understand that everyone else may not be as enthusiastic about umbrellas as we are… But that’s no reason not to give some love back to your brollies!

Every brolly needs a stand, so why not give your brolly a home that you can never miss? There’s nothing worse than having a surplus of brollies and nowhere to put them. That’s why you invest in umbrella stands. It’s really undignifying of your brolly to just dump it by the door. Especially after it has just protected you from the storm! Give your brollies a permanent home with a bit of style, never forget where you left it again! House your brollies with ease and style today.