Introducing our Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols – a range of portable commercial parasols designed for unparalleled convenience and durability. Crafted to cater to the needs of businesses and individuals alike, these parasols are a game-changer in outdoor comfort and style.

Versatile and Durable Design

Our Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols feature a unique, telescopic two-piece mast. This ensures not only ease of transportation and storage but also exceptional resistance to wind gusts, rivaling the stability of standard parasols. This innovative design has been meticulously engineered to meet the demands of both commercial and personal use.

Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols – Convenience at Its Best

The standout feature of these superb portable commercial parasols is their ease of storage and transportation. Thanks to the detachable lower part of the substantial 60mm diameter pole, even our large four-meter options become significantly more manageable. They allow for compact storage and transport. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses with limited storage space or those who require frequent repositioning of their outdoor amenities.

Customisable to Your Preference

Understanding the importance of individuality and brand representation, we offer the possibility of personalising these highly practical portable parasols. This option allows you to align the parasols with your brand image or personal style, making them not just functional pieces but also tools for expression and marketing.

User-Friendly Operation

Ease of use is a core aspect of our design philosophy. Our Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols are incredibly user-friendly, with a straightforward setup and takedown process. Folding and unfolding these parasols is quick and effortless, saving you time and hassle. Some incorporate a handle-operated telescopic function. Others feature an “Easy Up” action with our clever “Easyshift” opening/closing mechanism.

Portable Commercial Parasols for Compatibility and Versatility

In a commitment to versatility, the covers used for these telescopic parasols are compatible with standard frames of the same size and line. This interchangeability ensures that you can easily replace or alternate covers without needing to invest in new frames, making these parasols a cost-effective and flexible choice.

Ideal for Various Settings

Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of your café’s outdoor seating, need a reliable shade solution for a beachside resort, or simply want a durable parasol for personal use, our Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols are up to the task. Their robust construction and elegant design make them suitable for a wide range of environments.

In summary, our Easy To Transport Commercial Parasols offer a perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience. They stand out as an ideal choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, versatile, and user-friendly shading solution. Experience the ease and reliability of these innovative portable commercial parasols and transform your outdoor spaces today.

Indicative Prices for the Easy To Transport Range of Portable Commercial Parasols

We are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price of these versatile and practical Easy To Transport portable commercial parasols. Indicative price for the basic Easy To Transport portable commercial parasol, depending on size, is from just  £371.64 for a polyester canopy (or from £751.91 for an acrylic canopy) + delivery + VAT for a 3m Easy To Transport Commercial Parasol to £851.15 for a polyester canopy (or from £1661.54 for an acrylic canopy) + delivery + VAT for a 4m x 4m Easy To Transport Commercial Parasol. Quantity discounts are available. Depending on the many available options, pricing can be complex to convey here, so, please contact us for a detailed quotation. Email [email protected] or call 01525 382938.

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