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Best Windproof Umbrella

Looking for the best windproof umbrella? – well, the best in very windy weather are nearly always walking umbrellas. Although some folding brollies feature venting, which gives them more strength, generally speaking, a walking / full-length brolly is the best to carry with you on a windy day. We are the home of ‘Windproof Technology’, and you’ll find we sell some of the very best windproof umbrellas.

There are many approaches to designing the best windproof brolly. Some people have designed aerofoil “stealth bomber” or “stealth fighter” shaped brollies, which can withstand extremely windy weather. You can see more and more of them demonstrated on the internet by people jumping out of airplanes with them or testing them in wind tunnels. We sell a version of this aerodynamic windproof stealth bomber brollies ourselves – take a look at our Stormfighter Stealth Fighter windproof umbrellas – available as both a full-length windproof umbrella but also as a folding, compact windproof umbrella.

Another approach to designing the most windproof umbrella includes making ribs of fibreglass, which although doesn’t stop the parasol from turning inside out, does make the ribs flexible enough to enable you to return the canopy to its normal shape without damage.

A double or overlapping canopy design, often referred to as vented, is yet another way of trying to create the best windproof umbrella. This allows the wind to escape through the canopy, reducing the wind resistance.

And so here is our current choice. Actually, we couldn’t decide between the Classic Black Pagoda. With its double-dome, twin-spoked frame, wind resilience technology. As well as the new Stormfighter Stealth Fighter. It features a radical new angular delta-shaped aerodynamic canopy. Both we give ten out of ten but for different reasons.

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