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Check out our range of the very best… Only top-tier brollies here! We have the best umbrella for each type of parasol. From the best UV protection to the best windproof umbrella. We have them all. So, if you’re looking for the best, you’ve found them!

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Best umbrellas in the world? It’s a bit like the search for the Holy Grail! Are you looking for the best umbrella? Need only the best for a particular occasion or purpose? This is always going to be a matter of opinion, of course. However, in this section of our website, we bring to you the best. The most popular umbrellas that we have in a variety of categories.

Some of the best umbrellas that we have were designed by our very own Chief Umbrollogist, Rob McAlister who used both his experience and engineering to develop his windproof technology.

With a range of around 1000 umbrellas, you are bound to find the perfect umbrella to suit you.  If you are having a problem and are overwhelmed with choices then take a look through this section to find perhaps not the best umbrella, that money can buy or the best umbrella in the world (is there really such a thing?) but simply our opinion.

Let us know if you disagree. Let us know your opinion. Complete our product reviews or drop us an email to [email protected]. We value your feedback.

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