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If you’re a keen angler you’ll understand the importance of a quality fishing umbrella as part of your equipment. Stay dry and reel in a big one!

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Fishing Umbrellas

The fishing umbrella and the fishing bivvy have become something of a specialty. No matter what type of fishing shelter you're looking for... You'll find some great quality and great value fishing weather protection products! We have developed a unique range of fishing umbrellas, fishing bivvies and fishing shelters. Keeping you safe and dry and protected on a wet and windy day.

Firstly, if you're a keen angler you'll understand the importance of a quality fishing shelter. A fishing umbrella is as a key part of your equipment. Our fishing bivvies are also all made to a high standard to withstand the rigours of extended use in wind and rain.

It's not just about quality, it's also about innovation. Browse through our selection you'll a fishing umbrella with wind shelter, a fishing bivvy and a new style fishing shelter tent.

Fishing umbrellas and fishing shelters are not only essential at the side of the river, lake or seaside for fellow anglers. They're also great for outdoor events, fetes, festivals etc. They're the ideal brolly to keep in the boot of your car for lovers of the great outdoors. If not for yourself, perhaps you know someone? A friend or relative for whom one of these would make the perfect gift? Why not find out today!