Tent Pegs & Guy Lines for Fishing Umbrellas

A handy set of spare steel pegs and nylon guy lines in a polyester drawstring bag.

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Spare Steel Tent Pegs/Guy Lines

Are you in need of some spare steel tent pegs and guy lines? If not for a tent then maybe for your fishing umbrella or bivvy? Here we have a complete set of 12 steel pegs and some adjustable nylon guy lines, which come in a handy drawstring carry bag.

These are particularly useful if you need some extra pegs for your tent or also if you have a fishing umbrella or fishing bivvy with side curtains that you need to stake down to the ground. It’s always useful to have a spare set. it’s surprising how often you can bend a peg when hammering it into the ground and it hits something solid, like a stone or some rubble. It’s so frustrating when that happens! Well, the good news is that here at Umbrella Heaven, we sell spares!

Please note that some of the green polyester carry bag colours may vary in shade/style a little from the image shown.

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Dimensions 40 × 20 × 6 cm


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