UPF 50 UV Beach Umbrella

A modern UPF 50 UV Beach Umbrella. 5 colour options – Apricot, White, Beige, Navy Blue or Grey. Maximum sun protection and super stylish!

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UPF 50 UV Beach Umbrella for maximum protection

Looking for a UPF 50 UV beach umbrella? Introducing this superb quality, stylish and modern UPF 50+ rated UV protective sun umbrella from German umbrella specialist, FARE. So, this means the protection afforded is actually higher than UPF 50 (Ultra-Violet Protection Factor 50). Look cool and feel cool on the beach under this super sun umbrella. Suitable for beach, picnics, camping and garden. The sturdy steel frame is coated with a titanium coloured finish for quality and longevity.

All of the models are fitted with a smooth action safety runner, so operating these beach umbrellas really is very simple. There are eight panels and eight sturdy steel ribs to support the 177 cm diameter canopy. Canopies are removable for cleaning purposes. The telescopic steel pole is in two pieces offering fully variable height adjustment. The diameter of the upper pole is 22 mm and the lower pole is 25 mm. In addition, a simple twist-lock facilitates the ability to set and secure the canopy to the desired height.

UPF 50 UV Beach Umbrella – Look Cool, Feel Cool!

This super stylish UPF 50 UV beach umbrella also features a clever tilt mechanism so that you can angle the polyester canopy to find the optimum level of sunshade.

The lower pole is approx. 120 cm long and the length of the umbrella, when closed and folded away, is approx. 122 cm. The net weight of the product is approx. 2150 g.

Allowing for about 10 cm of one pole inserted into the other, the height from ground to the top is about 220 cm. From the ground to the canopy edge rib tips the height is approximately 190 cm.

What’s more, there are 5 smart colour choices: apricot, white, beige, navy and grey. So, just select your desired colour from the Canopy Colour drop-down menu above.

Finally, you’ll find this beach umbrella is easy to carry around thanks to its convenient shoulder strap carry case.

UPF 50+ UV Protective Beach Parasols

Image Upf 50 Uv Beach Umbrella

UPF 50+

? The fabric has excellent UV protection. It is tested under defined conditions to the permeability of harmful UV radiation. The protective effect is expressed by the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). The higher the factor, the better the protection.
? Material testing took place based on the testing method of AS/NZS 4399:2017.
? The UV protection factor (UPF) indicates how much longer the user of items with UV protection or the wearer of UV protective clothing can stay in the sun, without damaging the skin. The calculation basis is the self-protection time of the skin, which varies depending on the skin type. There are 6 different skin types.
? Skin type I is particularly sensitive. It is characterised by very light, extremely sensitive skin, light eyes, red-blond hair and very often freckles. Skin type I never tans and sunburns very quickly.
? Skin type II is characterised by light, sensitive skin, blue, grey, green or brown eyes, blond to brown hair and often freckles. Skin type II tans little to moderately and often gets a sunburn.
? Skin type III has light to light brown skin, grey or brown eyes and dark blond to brown hair. Freckles are rare. Skin type III tans faster than skin type II.
? Skin type IV has light brown, olive skin, brown to dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Skin type IV tans quickly.
? Skin type V has dark brown skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown to black hair.
? Skin type VI has dark brown to black skin, dark brown eyes and black hair.
? The skin type should be determined by a dermatologist.
? Further information can be found at http://www.bfs.de/DE/themen/opt/uv/wirkung/hauttypen/hauttypen.html
? The time spent in the sun depends on the skin types described above.


In summary:

  • UPF 50+ rated sun protection
  • Removable canopy cover
  • Choice of 5 colours
  • Height adjustable
  • Angle tilt canopy
  • Shoulder strap carry case
  • High quality steel frame

Note: Price excludes umbrella base.

And finally, finally, if you would prefer a valance around your beach umbrella then click to view an alternate version of this UPF50 UV beach parasol.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 125 × 17 × 14 cm
Approx. canopy span cm (")

Approx. length from handle to tip closed cm (")

Approx. net weight kg (lb)

Shaft material

Number of panels (ribs)


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