1.35m x 1.35m Commercial Beach Parasol

Square Commercial Beach Parasols

Please note that the images shown are solely for illustrative purposes. Our parasols are available in a range of solid colours without prints. Should you wish to have a logo printed on your parasol, kindly contact us directly.

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Beach Parasol Dimensions

Opening System for 1.35m x 1.35m Commercial Beach Parasol

Additional Information

Printing techniques:

Digital printing, Screen printing

Canopy finish:

With valance or Without valance

Type of fabric:

Woven fabric




1.35m x 1.35m / 8

Opening system:

With tilt

Canopy finish:

Without vent

Type and colour of frame:

Steel, white

Number of ribs:


Pole diameter (mm):

22 / 25

1.35m x 1.35m Commercial Beach Parasols

Introducing Our Square-shaped 1.35m x 1.35m Commercial Beach Parasol

Discover the perfect solution for your marketing campaigns in typical summertime settings with our square-shaped 1.35m x 1.35m commercial beach parasol. These versatile parasols transcend beyond beach beer gardens, making them ideal for various mass events along the seashore, including concerts, special media occasions, and music festivals. In contemporary urban landscapes, the prevalence of specially designated sandy areas resembling beaches is on the rise. To enhance such scenography, the addition of beach parasols becomes essential. It provides an optimal means of building brand visibility in locations frequented by the masses during the summer season.

Elevate Your Brand Presence with 1.35m x 1.35m Advertising Beach Parasols

Our smart 1.35m x 1.35m beach parasols boast sleek and elegant profiles, available in two canopy shapes – octagonal and square. Choose from a range of sizes extending from 1.25 to 2 meters to suit your promotional needs. The model is designed for an effortless setup, featuring a steel frame in a bright, classic white colour. Crafted from weather-resistant polyester, the canopy ensures durability, especially in challenging beach conditions. This resilience is paramount for branding, involving the printing of logos, slogans, and other visual identity elements on the canopy. Rest assured, we prioritize the highest quality printing through digital or screen printing technology, focusing on enduring vivid colours and clear printing. Even the smallest, distinctive details are prominently visible, ensuring a lasting impression for your brand.

Indicative Prices for the 1.35m x 1.35m Commercial Beach Parasols

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price of these superior quality 1.35m x 1.35m commercial beach parasols. An indicative price for a 1.35m x 1.35m Commercial Beach Parasol is from just £87.42 + delivery + VAT including full colour digital transfer printing. Quantity discounts are available. Depending on the many available options, pricing can be complex to convey here, so, please contact us for a detailed quotation.

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