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John Lowrie Morrison (JoLoMo) Umbrellas

Take a look at our exclusive range of unique, limited-edition, JoLoMo umbrellas by John Lowrie Morrison. Exclusive digitally printed art umbrellas designed by JoLoMo. If you are looking for a unique umbrella as a gift for someone who admires and appreciates the art of John Lowrie Morrison, this is for you.

Umbrella Heaven is proud to announce the arrival of our signed limited edition JoLoMo umbrellas (1 – 25) offered exclusively to us by the renowned Scots artist John Lowrie Morrison (JoLoMo). JoLoMo is famous throughout the world for his breathtaking artworks based on his real association with the lands and seas of Scotland. Each of the 6 images for sale is produced in a limited edition series of 25 superb digitally printed brollies. That makes these JoLoMo umbrellas very special indeed! A privilege to add to our range.

With a square canopy, square profile handle, and shaft, a John Lowrie Morrison umbrella is a modern, stylish award-winning design in its own right. It’s windproof with a hybrid combined fibreglass and aluminium frame for strength and lightness of weight.

If you’re new to the world of JoLoMo and you’d like to learn more about the art of John Lowrie Morrison check out his website here. 

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