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Whether you’re looking for a frilly wedding umbrella for the bride and bridesmaids or a multitude of wedding umbrellas for all the guests, we can help.

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    Aaaaargh! So, you've just seen the weather forecast for the weekend and it's not looking good. The one thing you've forgotten are the wedding umbrellas. All that planning and attention to detail, all that expense. But it's ok. Don't panic. That's what we're here for. Whether you're looking for just a few frilly wedding umbrellas for the bride and bridesmaids. Or a multitude of wedding umbrellas for everyone, or even just a single wedding umbrella for the lucky lady, we can help. Actually a lace wedding parasol makes a great prop for those cheeky wedding photos in the church yard. A beautiful bridal umbrella can really make a difference on the day. Also, take a look at our beautiful heart shape wedding umbrella and our stunning pagoda wedding umbrella. Before you know it you won't be worrying about it raining on your parade - you'll positively welcome it (alright perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but it'll certainly not be something to worry about any more!). Bridal umbrellas and parasols are a speciality of ours up here in Umbrella Heaven so if you need any advice don't hesitate to contact us. Phoebe Victorian Style Bridal Umbrella Remember, it's not just the rain you may need to plan for. On a hot sunny day when you're standing around outside a wedding umbrella (or bridal parasol) can be a very welcome accessory. Think about the guests too. Handing out a selection of wedding parasols for people to shelter under shows just how much you care.