Suminagashi Kimono Umbrella 墨流し

Kimono Umbrella Suminagashi. Part of the Kimono Umbrella collection, this design is 墨流し-Suminagashi. Crafted from the fabrics of an authentic Japanese Kimono, upcycled & hand-made into a stunning sun parasol.

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Kimono Umbrella 墨流し-SUMINAGASHI

Part of the Kimono Umbrella collection, this Japanese umbrella design is SUMINAGASHI (flowing sumi). Crafted & upcycled from a traditional, antique Kimono that has been passed down through generations. 

Product History

Coated in a Vintage Kimono fabric, glass fibre body, and a wooden handle. The neatness of the Sumi-e pattern is fully utilized, and the combination of the continuous patterns is like a Japanese hanging scroll. This is a prestigious piece of work. A kimono is said to be a walking painting, a hanging scroll that reflects the Japanese landscape, and a parasol is a work of art that symbolizes this.

The softness and colour of the silk and Sumi patterns of the Suminagashi are well balanced with the parasol that are said to look beautiful with an outfit. The canopy is made from 100% silk of a Kimono, meaning it’s not suitable for rain as it would damage the silk – however, as the theme of this umbrella, it is perfect for the sun, weighing approximately 310 grams. The origin of the Kimono can be traced as far back as the Heian Period over 1200 years ago. Straight cuts of fabric were sewn together to create a garment that fit every body shape. 

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Kimono Collection: Sun parasols made from fabric cut from antique Kimono. The Kimono is a Japanese traditional formal costume. Due to fashion culture & trends changing, people don’t wear kimonos as often as they used to, so they have been upcycled & hand-crafted into a beautiful umbrella.


Weight 1.455 kg

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