Sailing Boats Kids Umbrella

Sailing Boats Kids Clear Umbrella

AHOY there Matey!

Our brand new range from Ezpeleta design house has some cracking bimini’s for your little deck hands. Choose from our range of 3 colours; Peach, Baby Blue and Yellow.


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Sailing Boats Kids Umbrella

New to Umbrella Heaven from Spanish design house Ezpeleta. The Sailing Boats Kids Umbrella is our smallest in stock – perfect for your little nipper’s.

Don’t abandon ship because it’s raining outside, let the kids carry their own umbrella and splash in puddles instead.

This adorable Sailing Boats Kids Umbrella comes in 3 sorbet colours; Peach, Baby Blue and Lemony Yellow.

Designed with little fingers and child safety in mind. They have a smooth safety runner which slides easily along the chrome metal shaft. And there is no sharp catch to cut fingers on. The colour matched spoke tips are rounded for enhanced safety. The end tip, the crook handle and the round spoke tips are colour coordinated to match.

Ezpeleta has a keen eye for detail, if you look closely at the press stud fastened canopy tie-wrap, you?ll find a little place where the kids can write their name and they won?t get mixed up at school. We’ll have your little ones looking ship-shape and Bristol fashion in no time!

For more information please feel free to contact us. Click here to see more kids umbrellas

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