Rainbow Petal Swirl Umbrella

Paint the whole world with a rainbow with this rainbow petal swirl umbrella.? Brighten up your rainy day with this auto-opening umbrella

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Introducing the Rainbow Petal Swirl Umbrella.

This beauty is all things bright and beautiful in the world of umbrellas.

With 8 petal tips and 16 shades on the rainbow spectrum this Rainbow Petal Swirl Umbrella is bold and will definitely stand out in a crowd. The quality of these umbrellas is outstanding, they look stylish and unique when open. An excellent accessory to have by your side for an event or Wedding.

The umbrella has a stylish, faux stitched crook handle and automatic opening mechanism, fiberglass spokes and a protective sleeve.

A new addition to our fabulous Petal Swirl range of Umbrella’s. These brollies make a great accompaniment to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe as well as a great gift idea to a friend or family member.

If the rainbow spectrum is not for you, then take a look at the other Petal Swirl Umbrella variations. There is definitely one to suit everyone.

The canopy span when open is a generous 105 cm (41″) and from handle to tip it is 87 cm (34″).

The rainbow is a sign of hope, a sign of pride and a sign of peace. In the 1960’s a rainbow flag was used at peace marches and it’s very often used as a sign of movements of social change. There is no getting away from it a rainbow is a universally positive symbol.

Paint the whole world with a rainbow!

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 88 × 9 × 6 cm

Type of umbrella


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