Kids Dinosaur PVC Dome Umbrella


A must have for any young dinosaur fan! This kids PVC dome dinosaur umbrella will make you any child’s favourite person.

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  • Clear dome covered with bight dinosaurs
  • Black crook handle, tip and spokes
  • Highly reflective strip around canopy edge
  • Canopy span 72 cm
  • Length from tip to handle is 66 cm

Kids Dinosaur PVC Dome Umbrella available today at Umbrella Heaven

Life is not complete without a dinosaur umbrella. Well, certainly not if you are a dinosaur fan. There is no such thing as too many dinosaurs in your life. Dinosaurs have probably been popular for longer than anything else on earth. They will never go out of fashion and will always fascinate us, the Kids Dinosaur PVC Dome Umbrella is no different.

So it is with great pride that we add this little beauty to our kids collection.  This kids dinosaur PVC dome umbrella is bound to be popular with the youngsters in your family. Suitable from ages 3 – 10 this brolly is always going to be a winner. Going out in the rain is going to be so much more fun now that there are dinosaurs around.

An important feature of this brilliant brolly is that it has a reflective strip running around the edge of the canopy. This means that in the dark winter evenings your child will be highly visible to all traffic. It also has a smart blue crook handle, just the right size for small hands and a matching blue tip.

Famous dinosaurs featured on this mini work of art are: T-Rex, Brachiosauruses, Stegosauruses and Velociraptors amongst others. See if you and your child can name them together. I bet your child wins!

Product Details

When open this brolly has a canopy span of 72 cm and is 66 cm long when closed.

You’ll never go wrong with dinosaurs, everybody’s favourites.

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