Emma Bridgewater Spots Design Tote Bag


Introducing this spotted bag! Something new and exciting for the New Year, we’re pleased to bring you some great products from Emma Bridgewater.

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  • Emma Bridgewater designer tote bag
  • Re-usable shopping bag
  • Spotty design
  • Long handle straps
  • Folds into little pouch

Emma Bridgewater – Tote Spotted Bag

These are so new we’re still working on the descriptions. But I can tell you that this spotted bag really is superb! Other than that, all I can tell you and of course you can check out the pictures. They do say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but please don’t tell my boss!

Do you ever find yourself popping out for one thing, perhaps some batteries, a new belt for the hoover, a tube of new Liver n’Strawberry flavoured toothpaste, perhaps a pint of milk and then, you’re just standing there in a shop…  all of a sudden you’ve flipped into shopping mode! And before you know it you’re coming back with one or two “extras”. Mind you, they were all either something you were running out of and/or real bargains. Probably both.

Looks remarkable in the rain!

A spotted bag might not make your load any lighter but at least you will look fabulous, no matter how much you end up carrying! Now you can keep all your totes safe and sound.

This spotted bag folds up and packs away into a dinky little round case (also, somewhat predictably, covered in multi-coloured spots), extremely compact and it doesn’t weigh very much at all. I promise I will weigh one as soon as I get the chance!

More information to follow.

Here’s the technical specification for all you detail orientated nosey lot:

Material 100% Polyester



Height (excluding straps) 40 cm

Width (seam to seam) 37 cm

Depth 5 cm

All squashed up and stuffed into its pink storage pochette:

Width 13 cm (diameter)

Depth 1 cm

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Emma Bridgewater

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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