Child’s Shark Umbrella – 3D Pop-Up Design!

A cute child’s umbrella featuring a rather large shark on the canopy. This lovely little umbrella has a 3D pop-up dorsal fin and tail. If you have a little shark lover in your family then they will love this.

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Child’s Shark Umbrella

Here we have our wonderful shark umbrella for children (not for sharks – they don’t need them and they find them hard to hold!) This amazing child’s shark umbrella in vibrant shades of blue and grey is truly reminiscent of these magnificent sea creatures. Adorned with a playful and captivating shark design this clever 3D pop-up shark umbrella instantly captures the imagination.

The focal point of the umbrella is the fearsome yet friendly-looking shark. The shark appears to leap over the umbrella’s surface, creating a three-dimensional effect.

The shark’s body is a dark grey, with its belly a lighter shade. Its sharp teeth are portrayed in a gleaming white, adding a touch of excitement to the design. Its dorsal fin and tail fin are raised from the surface of the umbrella, creating quite a realistic appearance. These are also detailed in various shades of grey, giving them depth and dimension.

As the child opens the umbrella, the shark’s tailfin and dorsal fin pop up gracefully, creating a delightful and fun 3D visual effect to this dynamic shark design umbrella.

This child’s pop-up shark umbrella is not only a practical accessory for protection against rain. It’s also a source of wonder and adventure. Great for both boys and girls alike. Your child will imagine embarking on underwater journeys with their friendly shark companion. Why not treat your child to one today? Makes for an amazing birthday or Christmas gift!

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 97 × 15 × 5 cm
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