Cantilever Parasol Base Tiles – sand fillable, 60kg (3 Slabs)

60kg Cantilever Parasol Base Tiles/Slabs/Weights. Set of 3 x 20kg base tiles. Made from a tough, durable plastic design weighing 2kg each empty yet 20kg each when filled with sand/water.

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Cantilever Parasol Base Tiles – water/sand fillable, 60kg – 3 slabs

This is our bundle of 3 x 20kg fillable (60kg) cantilever parasol base tiles. Suitable for cantilever parasol cross bases, these plastic sand-fillable cantilever parasol base tiles really are the ideal solution. They are made from tough anthracite grey-coloured plastic. Since they are hollow and lightweight they are easy to carry. Also cheaper to purchase online due to significantly lower shipping costs. Concrete or granite cantilever parasol base slabs are prone to damage in transit. These are not!

You’ll also find that these cantilever parasol base slabs are very versatile due to their ingenious and innovative design. Each unit is packaged as two interconnecting triangles. Each pack weighs only 2 kg but 20 kg when the two triangles are joined to form a single base tile and filled with sand and water.

These cantilever parasol weights can be configured in so many different ways. And what’s more, they’re stackable. See the following image to show the normal configuration of 3 tiles.

Cantilever Parasol Base Weight Dimensions Cantilever Parasol Base Tiles - Sand Fillable, 60Kg (3 Slabs)


3 packs = 6 triangles = 3 tiles (slabs) = total 60 kg when filled

60Kg Cantilever Parasol Cross Base Base Tiles


Weight 11.9 kg
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 22.5 cm


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