MiniMax White Automatic Open and Close Umbrella

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MiniMax – White Travel Umbrella / Auto-Open & Auto Close

Introducing this fantastic white travel umbrella from MiniMax. MiniMax compact telescopic umbrellas are good quality folding umbrellas in a wide range of colours, suitable for both ladies and gents. Though exactly how many gents will go for a white travel umbrella is open to debate. John Travolta might, or he might have done back in the 70’s. Which probably means most of the time that men will go for the black or navy blue and the rest will be more popular with the ladies.

This compact white travel umbrella makes an ideal umbrella and travel companion. It’s also the perfect white wedding umbrella!

The white travel umbrella features an auto open and close mechanism. You press the button once and the canopy springs, like a mountain lion, from it’s compact, standby mode to provide you with a good sized brolly to keep that nasty rain at bay. Once the downpour has ended press the button again and the canopy will collapse, like an exhausted crisp packet. Push the shaft in to make it compact again and pop it away ready for next time. But please remember to make sure it’s dry first.

This smart, automatic opening white travel umbrella is 29 cm / 11.5″ long. The canopy of the MiniMax white folding umbrella has a span of 100 cm / 39.5″.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 cm

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