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an ivory frilled umbrella with a scalloped edge.

Creators of the Parasol/Umbrella

It’s hotly debated who created the umbrella first, as sources state both Egypt and China were among the first to adopt them. Early Chinese umbrellas

Wedding Umbrella

Tips when buying Wedding Umbrellas

Getting married outside of the summer months can be a worrying thought if you’re feeling unprepared for the likelihood of rain. You have all these

Sunflower Umbrella Side View

Best Umbrellas for Spring Showers

April marks a transitional period in the UK’s weather. We are moving from cold and windy winter months into warm springtime, with mixed weather and

underside of multi panelled umbrella

Complete History of Umbrellas

Umbrellas, also known as parasols, have been used since ancient times. There is a myth that says it was first used in Japan as protection

White Budget Golf Size Wedding Umbrella frame and underside

The Dangers of Umbrellas

Opening This blog post is for all of our customers who love to be outside and enjoy both the sun or rain. We’ve noticed that

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