UPF 50+ Ladies Umbrellas

June 14, 2018

Sun safe Ladies Umbrellas

New from Ezpeleta

These elegant new Ezpeleta Umbrellas are the answer to many requirements. Patterned parasol canopies, with UV protection rated at UPF 50+. Available in 4 different colour options. It’s windproof, has an extending shaft to give 2 different height settings and has a dainty ladies size, polished, light wood crook handle. The perfect ladies designer sun parasol. For protection from the sun and rain.

Ezpeleta UPF 50+Ezpeleta Ladies Sun Umbrella

Each has a fine print floral pattern on the outside canopy and a taupe UV protective inside. Just select your preferred option from the drop down menu when ordering on our website.

Small in stature this is a truly elegant ladies sun parasol. Perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

When fully extended the length of the parasol from handle to tip is 84 cm (33″) but when fully retracted just 76 cm (30″).

What’s more, it has a modern fibreglass frame with a clever lotus flower structure. This makes it stronger in the wind than most handheld sun parasols. The fabric is also completely rainproof. So, your Ezpeleta patterned UV parasol will keep you pretty and protected in sun, rain and wind.

More people are becoming aware of the danger of excessive UV (Ultraviolet) exposure. If you have a sun sensitive condition, then finally here is a high protection sun parasol. Or, if you’re off on vacation to a tropical climate, this lightweight little UV parasol may just fit in your suitcase!

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