DUO Grey Double Umbrella


A fibreglass shaft and frame make this 10 rib rectangular umbrella strong, lightweight and windproof, simply brilliant.

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SKU: 0192-R22S2
  • Canopy designed for two people
  • Light weight fibreglass design
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Windproof
  • Black frame

The Duo Grey Double Umbrella – Grey Twin Umbrella for 2

The new Duo Grey Double umbrella is just a great idea… and great big umbrellas too. It’s an umbrella easily big enough for two to share if the heavens decide to open leaving you and a friend, family member, colleague, your personal trainer or nearby intrepid explorer, exposed to the elements. Obviously everyone else can take a running jump…

This grey double umbrella has a superb canopy coverage, width is 144 cm (56.5 inches) and depth is 96 cm (38 inches). Overall length is just 81 cm with a comfort grip straight rubber handle these Duo umbrellas are going to be a real favourite. Weight 584 g approx.

Features include:

  • Sumptuous i.e. HUGE canopy cover
  • Light fibreglass design
  • Straight comfort rubber handle
  • Ideal for formal functions or sports events
  • Cheery, yet unobtrusive and evocative grey colour


Umbrella Heaven

Weight 0.858 kg
Dimensions 97 × 16 × 14 cm
Approx. canopy span cm (")

Approx. net weight kg (lb)

Approx. packaged height cm (")

Approx. packaged length cm (")

Approx. packaged width cm (")


Frame material

Handle material

Number of panels (ribs)

Shaft material


Type of canopy


Type of handle

Type of umbrella


Umbrella opening mechanism


Approx. length from handle to tip closed cm (")

Approx. length from handle to tip open cm (")

Approx. rib length cm (")


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