Navy Pagoda MultiVent Umbrella


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Vented Umbrella / Pagoda MultiVent Umbrella – Navy

The Pagoda MultiVent – golf windproof umbrellas that were forged from an insatiable thirst for excellence and quality. Created to provide the Ultimate windproof vented umbrella and fashioned to rival the best looking golf umbrellas in today’s market. Our fantastic vented umbrella is both stylish and functional, resilient and versatile. The Pagoda MultiVent really does make the perfect travel companion and a great gift for you or a loved one!

For thousands of years, the Chinese have used the unique Pagoda shape for construction, and guess what … their buildings are still around today.

Tested in winds in excess of 50 MPH to date without breaking (we didn’t take it any higher because it was getting a bit scary). Our Pagoda MultiVent windproof vented umbrella is really super-strong.

Black metal tip cup, keeps the spoke ends neat and tidy when your umbrella is closed.

Triple tie wraps to hold it all together when closed.

Twin spoked frame design supports the dual vented canopy 118 cm (46.5”) across (max.)

Overall length from the light coloured wooden pistol grip handle to the black top is 90 cm (35.5″).

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Umbrella Heaven

Weight 0.974 kg
Dimensions 97 × 16 × 14 cm
Approx. canopy span cm (")

Approx. length from handle to tip closed cm (")

Approx. length from handle to tip open cm (")

Approx. net weight kg (lb)

Approx. packaged height cm (")

Approx. packaged length cm (")

Approx. packaged width cm (")

Approx. rib length cm (")


Frame material

Handle material

Number of panels (ribs)

Shaft material


Type of canopy


Type of handle

Type of umbrella

Umbrella opening mechanism



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