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Car Windscreen Sunshade Umbrella

Introducing our car sunshade umbrella. Be cool wherever you go this summer! Perfect for keeping your car interior protected from the sun’s heat and rays. Limited stock, buy now!

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The car sunshade umbrella

Step into a chilled experience this summer. Let your interior cool with our new car windscreen sunshade umbrella. Designed with a UV protective fabric, our product is perfect for any protection from the sun. With this high quality umbrella, you’ll find that the inside of your car no longer feels the full effect of outside. You’ll never have to sit on a scorching leather seat again! Had a long drive and want to take a break? Sun in your eyes whilst trying to read your favourite book? Use our umbrella to keep yourself cool and keep the harsh rays away from that moment of peace.

Even better, our car windscreen sunshade umbrella has the added bonus of being able to protect your interior from the lasting ageing effects of the sun. The silver coating reflects direct sunlight away from the car, with the underside being black. Forget about burning your hand on the red hot steering wheel.

CarParaSteeringCar windshield sun protection – Specifications

See its fast and easy manual assembly with a simple push and go mechanism. Don’t forget about easy storage! Pack away in its handy pouch. You can truly rely on this sunshade for being compact. Coming in at 33cm (13″) packed away in its bag, meaning it’ll fit nicely in your glovebox or side compartment. It even comes with a velcro strap making it easier to stay nice and compact in its leather carry sleeve.

Don’t worry about our umbrella falling from your windscreen. Its super suction allows for easy stick and hold! The strong, extendable shaft lets our car umbrella sit comfortably on your dashboard. Compatible with most vehicles it opens at 132cm (52″) in width and 76cm (30″) in height.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 13 cm
Umbrella opening mechanism

Approx. net weight kg (lb)

Approx. length from handle to tip closed cm (")

Approx. length from handle to tip open cm (")



Handle material

Frame material

Number of panels (ribs)

Shaft material

Type of canopy

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Type of handle


Approx. packaged height cm (")

Approx. packaged length cm (")

Approx. packaged width cm (")

Type of umbrella


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