Brolliology A History of the Umbrella by Marion Rankine


Brolliology is a wonderful little book all about the humble yet iconic umbrella. The ideal gift for the budding umbrellaphile or brolly-aficianado? This really is an exceptionally, smart-witted book about umbrellas.

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  • Witty and informative
  • Limited edition
  • Perfect gift for umbrella lovers
  • Written by Marion Rankine
  • Non - fiction

Brolliology – A History of the Umbrella

This exceptionally, smart-witted book about umbrellas, “Brolliology” is perfect for the Umbrella aficionado. Are you fascinated by the iconic brolly? Books about parasols are few and far between. Up here at UH, we were very excited that Marion Rankine has written a book all about them!

This wonderful new book on parasols makes a great little gift for either yourself or other umbrollogists you happen to know. Sate your parasol passion or treat someone you know at Christmas time. Brolliology takes a look at the humble umbrella in life, literature and in history. Travel through the past and on into the future of brollies!

Umbrellas have been around for thousands of years! Invented in Ancient Egypt to shield Pharaohs from the sun – they were a symbol of wealth and power. Moving forward, into modern literature the characters that used umbrellas, were considered too lowly to own a carriage and ironically umbrellas were seen as a sign of poverty. Two thousand years later, the Umbrella has become an object known predominantly in the West to protect you from the rain.

Well, we say hats off (and umbrellas up!) to Marion Rankine for penning this little umbrella book. It’s a quality hardback well worth the money at just £12.99, We’re not sure if the word Brolliology existed before or whether it’s a brand new made-up word. In any case we love it and we think you will too.

The Umbrella. Is it a women’s style accessory? Or a symbol of a businessman’s power? Are they to protect you from the sun? Or a paparazzi’s camera?

We’ll let you be the judge!

This wonderful book on umbrellas, “Brolliology” by Marion Rankine will make the perfect stocking filler for the budding Brolliologist (or should that be Umbrollogist?)

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