25KG Parasol Base – Fillable


Are you looking for a sturdy parasol base for your garden or patio umbrella? If so this 25 kg self fill parasol base is the perfect option. This aesthetically pleasing parasol base will complement most garden and patio furniture sets.

Compact and heavy-duty! You’ll be so glad you picked this parasol base to secure your umbrella.

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SKU: 7Z-UA4P-B672
  • Resin Construction
  • 25KG weight (Once Filled)
  • Supergrip Pole Neck
  • Accommodates parasols with pole diameter of 21-54 mm
  • Competitive Price

25KG Parasol Base

Are you looking forward to the summer this year? Why not treat yourself to this 25KG Parasol Base to ensure your parasols and umbrellas remain stable in moderate weather conditions. This black parasol base can be filled with water or sand to ensure your sun umbrella remains in place and sturdy.

These very practical and versatile parasol bases can be used for a number of purposes. Whether you are taking a parasol to the beach or shading a small area in your garden. This really is a brilliant option for most garden and patio parasols. This particular product features a supergrip Pole locator.

This innovative idea ensures your parasol is firmly fixed into the pole locator to eliminate excessive movement. The black resin moulded design is very aesthetically pleasing and can complement most garden furniture sets.

Simply locate the pole through your garden table and place it into the shaft locator. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine without the worry of your parasol creating too much movement.

This particular parasol base can accommodate pole diameters of 21 to 54 mm. This makes it very universal and can accommodate most brands and designs.

Many Features

This Parasol base is great for patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas and table Parasols. Is the perfect choice for any garden or patio. You can also use this base for commercial purposes.

This base can accommodate umbrellas with a pole diameter of 21-54 mm. Simply slide the pole into the shaft and secure it with the super grip locator lock. The supergrip locator ensures your parasol is kept secure in mild to moderate weather conditions.

This parasol base has a diameter of 46 cm and a height of 11 cm, making it compact and ideal for most garden and patio tables. It can also be used freestanding as a garden umbrella base.


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