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Sustainable Eco-Friendly Umbrellas – we’ve got you covered!

Each eco umbrella in this category has been skilfully crafted to meet the needs of the planet-conscious consumer. This means these environmentally-friendly umbrellas or parts of them have been crafted from recycled and sustainably sourced materials. This way, you know you’re buying a genuine eco-friendly umbrella! Go ahead – protect yourself from sun and rain – but also protect the planet!

Looking for sustainably manufactured umbrellas? Are you a planet-conscious consumer looking for environmentally friendly umbrellas? The ECO Umbrella Range offers unique solutions to shelter from both sun and rain in an ecological fashion. Purchasing a product from this range means you are purchasing an eco umbrella made from (or partially made from) recycled materials.

You’ll find we stock a range of colours in different styles. For example, we have eco golf umbrellas. These are top-quality sustainably manufactured environmentally friendly golf umbrellas. They are auto-open, vented and completely windproof. You don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance when purchasing one of these eco-friendly golfing umbrellas.

Similarly, we sell a wonderful range of eco walking umbrellas. Again, available in various popular colours these bamboo straight-handled eco-friendly stick umbrellas are sustainably produced.

Moreover, we also sell some eco compact folding umbrellas. Available in black, red, blue, grey and white the canopies of these sustainably manufactured eco-friendly small telescopic umbrellas are made of recycled plastics.

Join our Recycled Umbrella Revolution!

Whichever style you purchase, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the quality of our recycled environment-friendly umbrellas. So, go ahead, boost your inner eco ego and make a conscious choice to purchase a sustainable umbrella today!

At Umbrella Heaven we have a strong commitment to recycling products. We try to do our bit for the environment in all sorts of ways. We are strong on recycling our waste. For example, we shred our inbound cardboard packaging and use it as in-fill packaging when we pack and despatch our umbrellas to you. When we despatch to retailers we use their own back-haul logistics arrangements whenever possible. As a further part of our commitment, this eco-friendly umbrella range was created. Happy Shopping!