Buggy Brolly

The fantastic Buggy Brolly is now here! Keep you and your child dry, hands free!

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Buggy Brolly

The fantastic Buggy Brolly is now here. Firstly, its creation and unique design welcomed by parents the world over. Sick of getting wet whilst your little darling remains warm and dry under his/her cover? Well now you too can stay dry with this novel and simple clamp-on umbrella invention!

The Buggy Brolly- a ingenious hands free parasol designed to attach to your pushchair, pram, stroller or buggy. (wow, don’t we have a lot of words for this!) However, these very strong hands-free umbrellas are available in a choice of five colours. Keep you and also your child dry with ease, no hands required! Simply strap it onto your stroller and away you go!

Secondly, Buggy Brolly is more than just another brolly or parasol for strollers, buggies, prams, strollers, push chairs. This is actually a hands free umbrella for Mum (or Dad, or Gran, or Auntie …). Have you ever tried to push a buggy with one hand whilst holding an umbrella in the other? Trust me, it’s actually very difficult. Lastly, treat yourself or someone you care for. Buy them a BuggyBrolly today!

$ 44.44