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Ladies Walking Umbrellas

Here we have our expansive (no, not “expensive”) range of ladies’ walking umbrellas. If you’re looking for a ladies’ umbrella with a curved handle and a regular size canopy, then you’ve come to the right place.

So, what do we mean by a “walking umbrella”? Well, firstly, although ladies walking umbrellas can sometimes have a straight handle, they tend more often to have a curved handle. This feels more comfortable to hold when walking along. Also used to hang over one’s wrist or to hang up on a hook when not in use. The crook handles (also sometimes referred to as “J” handles or curved handles) are made from wood or plastic and sometimes covered with leather or are rubber-coated.

People tend to refer to this type of umbrella in many different ways. Some people call them Long Umbrellas, Stick Umbrellas, Regular Umbrellas, City Umbrellas or Medium Size Umbrellas. Depending on which country you live in, you may also call it a brolly, a gamp or a Bumbershoot. You’ll find on our website the description we use is Walking or Walking Style.

We sell a broad range of top-quality ladies’ long umbrellas. Some of our ladies’ full-length umbrellas are manual opening and some are automatic opening. In general, a full-length ladies walking umbrella will always be stronger than a ladies folding compact telescopic umbrella, as the frame has fewer parts and fewer linkages to fail in strong winds. Take a look at our selection and browse at your leisure.