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Welcome to Golf Umbrella HEAVEN!

Looking for a nice new golf umbrella, one that will withstand the wind and won’t blow inside out? We have a huge range of different golf umbrellas. Some are manual opening, and some auto-open. Lots of different colours. In fact, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a broader selection anywhere else on the internet! Single canopy or double canopy/vented. Metal ribs or fibreglass. Ladies size, large or XL size, folding – the choice is yours!

When you’re out on the golf course you’re often completely open to the elements. As every golfer knows, the wind adds an extra dimension to the game.

Golfing Umbrellas – not just for the course!

And don’t think golfing umbrellas can only be used on the course. This product is also very popular for people requiring a larger brolly just for general use or to keep in the back of the car. They’re also the perfect umbrella for most other outdoor spectator sports and events too. Like rugby, football, horseracing, cricket, Formula 1 … the list goes on. But, as a golfer, you will be only too aware of the unpredictable weather.

Having a golf umbrella in your bag is a must-have item to stay protected. Golfing umbrellas are generally larger than walking-style umbrellas and tend to have straight handles rather than crook handles (though there are a few exceptions). They’re generally big enough to shelter two people walking side by side. Many people like to keep a trusty golf umbrella stowed in the boot of the car, ready for that next sudden downpour!

Our strong, premium-quality umbrellas are made from the finest modern high-tech materials. We carry a wide range of windproof and stormproof golf umbrellas. Some are made from aluminium so are not only strong but also lightweight. Don’t think that because golf umbrellas are typically larger than your traditional umbrella, they necessarily have to carry more weight.

More info?

If you would like more information on our golf umbrellas, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives. If you need advice or support, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team at 01525 382938 or email