Giant Patio Parasol – Octagonal 2.5m – 9.0m diameter

Aztec Giant Parasol

Octagonal Giant Parasol

This giant parasol really is something else. Ideal for pub gardens, weddings, social events and everything in between. Easily capable of sheltering 10 or more people, they’ll be thanking you when the time comes! Designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

Each of these giant parasols are carefully checked to ensure a standard of high quality. Furthermore, a giant parasol like this wont bend in the wind or rip at any signs of struggle. These giant parasols are strong, resistant and highly effective party savers!



  • 2.5m dia at £1,595.00
  • Jumbo Parasol Cafe3.0m dia at £1,785.00
  • 3.5m dia at £1,910.00
  • 4.0m dia at £2,205.00
  • 4.5m dia at £2,360.00
  • 5.0m dia at £2,610.00


  • 5.5m dia at £3,015.00
  • 6.0m dia at £2,385.00
  • 7.0m dia at £3,285.00
  • 8.0m dia at £3,340.00
  • 9.0m dia at £6,010.00
  • Note: prices shown exclude delivery and VAT.

This type of giant parasol is an original octagonal shape, designed to look lovely but retain functionality. Also, these jumbo patio parasols sport an arsenal of accessories and features. Please click here to browse the accessories or see the features below:


Tough Frames: The frames are manufactured from the most durable materials available. Designed, crafted and finished so that the parasols’ superior system can survive in the harshest of environments. Powder coated and available in any RAL colour required. Chip and fade resistant.

Quality Membranes: Made with highly durable acrylic fabric which is fade resistant and UV protected. Furthermore, a wide range of colour options are available. Multiple colours are also available to help make your giant parasol as eye catching as possible. Also available with or without straight valances.

Easy to Operate: Operated through a crank handle. Simply opens and closes the giant parasol easily and quickly. All parasols have a telescopic design which adds to their strength in both open and closed positions. Further features a sprung loaded plunger ends help keep the fabric taught.

Choice of Colours: Available in a huge range of simply stunning colours. From a virtuous vanilla to a remarkable ruby red and everything in between. Find below only a fraction of colours available for your jumbo parasol. For a full list of colours, please click here.

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