Giant Patio Parasols

Welcome to our range of British made giant patio parasols! These jolly, jumbo parasols are sure to keep the sun at bay on a hot summer’s day. Moreover, for your complete outdoor weather protection, if you choose the PU coating option, they’re also totally rain-repellent! These giant patio parasols are truly the ultimate for protecting your guests, family, and friends from the elements. Furthermore, depending on the size and coverage needed, these jumbo parasols make for a major architectural sunshade – the ideal protective companion to your outdoor garden table & chair set.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from original octagonal to simple square designs.

Perhaps you only want a 2.5 m garden parasol? No problem. Maybe you want a 9-meter behemoth brolly? Not an issue with these perfect patio parasols! 100% Made in Britain, these really are high-quality giant patio parasols. We have a number of shapes and sizes available, Square, Octagonal/Round, or Rectangular – please feel free to click below and see the shapes for yourself! In many situations, we can also custom produce with an offset rather than a central pole.

Aztec Giant Patio Parasol
Giant Patio Parasol Manufacturing
Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom.

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Crafted in Great Britain with dedication and care, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected by high-quality British engineering. This jumbo parasol won’t rip at the seams, flip and break in the wind, or flop and fall on your head!Image result for union jack

These gorgeous giant parasols are designed for both domestic and commercial use. Positively perfect for pub gardens, parties & events, bar patios and so much more. Furthermore, printed jumbo parasols are also available. Perhaps you want the logo of your bar or restaurant printed on your parasol? Your customers’ first line of defense from the elements, these giant patio parasols can proudly display your trusted brand or logo.

Please click here for a full list of colours.  If you’d like to discuss or place an order, please call 01525 382 938 or email us at 

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