Fruity New Stock

May 17, 2018


Fruity Umbrellas


‘You’re one in a Melon.’

Fruity New Umbrellas for Kids


Umbrella Heaven have taken delivery of some Fruity New stock this week.

Just the injection of colour we need at this time of year. The kids will LOVE them. They are totally on trend with the Summer Watermelon designs popping up with all retailers. And they provide the perfect amount of shelter from any Summer downpours.

Available in Lovely Lemon, Kool Kiwi and Juicy Watermelon Designs – the kids will go wild. Lightweight and easy to carry. Great for Summer Holidays adventures or to stick in the car boot on days out. Let the kids play with them in the garden. Use them as shields in a water fight. Great for photo props and Summer displays. A kids birthday gift idea or hang decoratively for an event.

Our totally tropical and on-trend new range will brighten up a rainy day.

Product Info –

62cm top to bottom

65cm diameter

230 grams weight

Chrome metal-fibreglass

Don’t forget to visit our website and take a look at all our new Umbrellas. Huge selection for Ladies, Gents and Kids.

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A right Royal Wedding

May 11, 2018

Save the Date for a Royal Wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

May 19th 2018


royal wedding prop

The UK is in major preparation for the Royal Wedding.

The bunting is strung, the street parties are planned, and the Victoria Sponges are baked. A Royal Wedding is the perfect excuse for a best-of-British extravaganza which we all adore.

2018 will play host to two royal weddings. The first being Prince Harry and the glamorous Meghan Markle. The second Princess Eugenie and fiancee Mark Brookshank Both marrying at the same venue, St.George’s Chapel, Windsor. After all, it is beautiful and full of history.

The wedding in May will be the first we see of Prince William and Kate with their 3 children together. Not to mention, Kate’s return to spotlight following the birth of Prince Louis.

Get set, ready and prep with our Union Jack and London themed Umbrellas. Keep the theme alive in a downpour, and hang above buffet tables as decor. In any event these will come in useful and be a brilliant keepsake.

Altogether now – ‘Hear comes the Bride..’




Heatwave for Britain

April 18, 2018

High Temps in Spring!

Britain has its first heatwave of the year! After months of snow and rain we finally have a few days forecast of glorious sunshine and high temps. Hopefully this is the beginning of a splendid summer.

It’s time to turn off the heating, hang up your big coat and slap some sun cream on those legs. The beer gardens are looking very inviting right about now. Gather your friends and family and host the first BBQ of the year. Clean out the paddling pool and stock up on factor 50.

Britain is currently hotter than Greece! People are flocking to the nearest beaches and parks to enjoy it. The shops are selling out of burgers and coleslaw – it’s Springtime madness. We want to shout it from the rooftops. Us Brits love the weather.

It might not be shorts and vest time just yet, please don’t be too keen. But it might be the right time to invest in a UV Protective Umbrella from our range. Not to mention a new garden parasol.

gold uv umbrella silver uv umbrella

Wedding Season 2018

April 16, 2018

Keep Calm, Wedding Season is Upon us.


Wedding umbrella photography

 The wedding season is upon us. From late Spring to early Autumn the weddings are coming thick and fast. Peaking in June until September while the weather is at it’s most reliable.

After researching this years wedding trends it’s clear to see what’s hot and what’s not. This year is all about nature, greenery and casual vibes. Think lawn games, picnic tables and parasols to sit beneath. Greenery like Eucalyptus, white hydrangeas and pampas grass. Candles and lanterns to decorate tables and aisles during the day. And to give light in the summer evenings while the kids play on the lawns.

This is good news for us at Umbrella Heaven as not only do we stock an abundance of wedding umbrellas for the bridal party and guests. But, we also stock, wood framed parasols for the picnic tables.


‘Practically perfect in every way.’

April 12, 2018

Mary Poppins heading back to Theatres


With the release of the new Mary Poppins movie in 2018 it reminded us of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Where we provided umbrellas for the cast and crew & the whole display.

A dozen Mary Poppins flew into the Olympic Stadium with Warwick Umbrellas held high. Captivating the crowd in the stadium and those of us watching it at home. Bringing back memories of our childhood and time spent singing along to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

warwick umbrella black

For those that may not have seen the original 1964 movie (There can’t be many). It was based on a magical Nanny who used music and adventure to bring the Banks family closer together. The Banks children, Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep, embark on a fantastical adventure as she brings the household to life. Set in bleak 1960’s London post WW2 it has become all time classic. As well as being full of humour and memorable sing-a-long songs for all the family to enjoy.

The newest edition due for release this year starring Emily Blunt, Julie Walters and Meryl Streep is sure to churn up a lot of excitement. Most importantly, lets prepare for it’s release by re-watching the original or reading the book. Buy yourself an Umbrella, and be ready to dance around the cinema just like the ‘practically perfect’ Mary Poppins.

Making a splash on Strictly!

October 10, 2016

Our yellow umbrella making a splash on Strictly!


Did you see our yellow umbrella on display on Strictly come Dancing?

Have you ever wanted to swing around a lamp post in the rain just like Gene Kelly? Well this week on Strictly – Ore Oduba did just that.

During Ore & Joanne’s week 3 dance to Singing in the Rain. You can see a colourful array of umbrellas on display. From the ‘Wood Stick’ style Umbrellas in red, yellow and blue that frame the stage. To the ‘Warwick’ – in beige as the main focus of the dance. A high scoring American smooth which prompted judge Bruno Tonioli’s response that, ‘Even Gene Kelly himself would be proud.’ Patricia Ward Kelly – the late actors wife even praised the performance.

We as a team are incredibly proud to have been a part of something so special to watch.

This prompts the question, is there such a thing as a famous umbrella? We think so! Don’t try and deny it, you’re all really more interested in our quality brollies than the dancers, right?

So if you want to steal the show, feel free, as all these  products are available on our site:

Yellow Walking Stick Umbrella

The Warwick
The Rest of the Range

Rockin’ The Umbrella Tree

June 3, 2016

Umbrella Tree at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.


We supplied the umbrellas for the Umbrella Tree installation at Radio 1’s Big Weekend!

Umbrellas were hung from two trees at Powderham Castle in Exeter. Creating a whimsical display above the heads of music fans.

An effective, yet easy way to create eye catching illusions that people will snap pics of and post to their social media. As a matter of fact, display styles like this are being used by Commercial Decorations Specialists around the world. With Umbrella art going up above shopping streets in Dublin, Dubai, Liverpool and Italy not to mention, Portugal and London.

Of course, we are grateful to Jon McMullan of Made Up Ltd, for the photograph.

Umbrellas Tree

Click here to visit our range of 1000+ unique umbrellas!

We can keep everything dry.

April 27, 2016

Need an outdoor storage solution?


Are you looking for somewhere dry to keep your bikes? Or a place to put your plant pots and compost bags?

Our sister company Cave Innovations has a range of storage solutions for outdoor products.

The ideal and tidy storage solution that won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Easy to assemble and long wearing, the Bike Cave can be put up in your garden or taken away with you on camping trips.

It can be packed in your motor home and used when holidaying. Or erected in your garden for the kids summer toys.

Also a quick and easy storage idea for a mobility scooter.

You can do it all with a Bike Cave, a TidyTent, Campa Cave or Scoot-a-Cave.

Outdoor storage solution

Great for at home or camping holidays.

Our Pagoda Umbrella Range

February 4, 2016

Elegant Pagoda Umbrellas

We confident you’re going to love this new range of pagoda umbrellas.

With their classic elegant look and stand out pagoda shaped canopy, people will envy your choice.

New to our range at Umbrella Heaven and in 9 great styles, they are the perfect accompaniment to your occasion wear.

Should you be invited to attend a Summer Wedding or outdoor do, then you will appreciate having one of these to hand if the weather turns. As well as being there to protect you from any harsh summer rays and provide you with shade.

In any event these classy Umbrellas will serve you well.

Take a look at Umbrella Heaven’s Pagoda Umbrellas.

Ladies pagoda canopy umbrella

Lovely pagoda canopy design

LA‎ Review

January 28, 2016

Walking stick umbrella

Customer Review


We always welcome a good customer review of our products. Here is one that was sent to us from a customer in Southern California and posted on our Facebook page. If you have purchased from us in the past and would like to leave a review then please feel free to do so on one of our social media channels.

Robert’s thoughts on his walking stick umbrella order. “I found your web page late Monday evening California, U.S. time and promptly ordered. Imagine my shock when it arrived Wednesday morning of the same week. That is unbelievable service. It is not true what the song says: that “It never rains in Southern California”, so I am looking forward to using my new Falcone in the “El Niño” weather. I will definitely do more business with this establishment.”

Thanks Robert, glad you’re happy!

As shown above, it’s worth having a quality brolly wherever you live. Even Los Angeles has to deal with the rain. El Nino is when an irregular climatic change affects the pacific coast, this happens every few years. Normally starts in late December and can cause unseasonable heavy rainfall.

Interested in checking out a check walking stick umbrella for yourself?