UV Protection Walking Umbrellas

UV Protective Full Length Walking Style Umbrellas

If you need proper UV protection then a UV protection umbrella or UV parasol is essential. There are a variety of different types of UV umbrellas to consider but a full length, rather than a folding UV umbrella will always be stronger in the wind. We refer to this style of umbrella as a walking umbrella. This does not mean that you can put your full weight on it and use it as a walking stick but rather refers to the curved handle (or "crook" handle). We sell a number of UV protection walking umbrellas below. If you have a real need for serious sun protection, perhaps a medical condition then investing in a good quality UV protection walking umbrella is perhaps something you should consider. If we can help with any questions you may have then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Fan Umbrella / UV Sunshade with Cooling Fan
Fan Umbrella / UV Sunshade with Cooling Fan If you're looking for a useful, versatile and fun..
Ex Tax: £29.13
High Quality Walking Umbrella - Peacock Blue
Another great umbrella from Umbrella Heaven. Brand new to the range and available in three colours. ..
Ex Tax: £12.46
High Quality Walking Umbrella - Teal
Here we have our Teal walking umbrella - another top quality umbrella from Umbrella Heaven. Brand ne..
Ex Tax: £12.46
Silver UV - Cambridge Walker Umbrella
Silver UV - Cambridge Walker Umbrella We are proud of the Silverback range of special Ultra ..
Ex Tax: £20.79
Silverback AutoRetract Umbrella - Long
The Silverback - Long Special UV Protective Umbrellas We are proud to introduce you to the&n..
Ex Tax: £16.63
Silverback UV Golf Umbrella
The Silverback Golf - Special UV Protective Umbrella We are proud to present our Silverback range..
Ex Tax: £37.50
Standard Walking Umbrella - Silver - UV Protective
Ladies Walking Length - UV Protective Umbrella - Silver A quality, no-frills ladies umbrell..
Ex Tax: £12.46
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Classic Black UV Protective Umbrella
Classic Black Wind Resilient Umbrella These Classic Black Golf umbrellas are perfect for any..
Ex Tax: £16.63
Metallic Gold Umbrella
Metallic Gold UV Protective Umbrella Over the years we have had many people ask us for ..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Square Golf Umbrella - Silver UV Protective
Totally square umbrellas from Umbrella Heaven - the latest addition to our range of fashion umbrella..
Ex Tax: £17.04