Promotional Umbrellas / Personalized Umbrellas


Here are some examples of pricing for our most popular promotional umbrellas. Please note pricing excludes delivery & VAT.

Umbrella Type 25-49 pcs 50-99 pcs 100-249 pcs 250-499 pcs 500+ pcs
Budget Golf £6.79 £6.55 £6.06 £5.82 £5.58
Bedford Golf £10.78 £10.40 £9.63 £9.24 £8.86
FibreStorm (windproof) £12.32 £11.88 £11.00 £10.56 £10.12
SuperVent (windproof) £11.13 £10.73 £9.94 £9.54 £9.14
Eclipse Black/Silver (windproof) £14.49 £13.97 £12.94 £12.42 £11.90

Click an umbrella that suits you!

                                           ‘Budget Golf’        Promotional Umbrella

‘SuperMini’ Compact Telescopic Promotional Umbrella

‘Bedford Golf’                    Promotional      Umbrella

‘Happy Days’             Promotional         Pagoda Umbrella

promotional golf umbrella
Telescopic Compact Promotional Umbrella
bedford promotional golf umbrella
happy days promotional pagoda umbrella

Classic White Promotional Pagoda Shaped Umbrella

Classic Black Promotional Pagoda Style Umbrella

‘Big Top’ Blue / White Promotional Pagoda Shape Umbrella

‘Big Top’ Pink / White Promotional Pagoda Shape Umbrella

Classic White Promotional Pagoda Umbrella
promotional black pagoda
Big Top Promotional Pagoda
pink and white promotional pagoda umbrella

The ‘Eclipse’ Promotional Ladies Umbrella

‘Supervent’ Vented Promotional Umbrella

‘Super Budget’ Mini Golf Promotional Umbrella

‘Spectrum Sport’ Promotional Umbrella

Eclipse Promotional Ladies Umbrella
SuperVent Promotional Umbrella
Super Budget Promotional Golf Umbrella
Spectrum Sport Promotional

‘Spectrum Wood’ Promotional Umbrella

‘Fibrestorm’ Promotional Umbrella

‘Budget Storm Golf’ Promotional Umbrella

The ‘PVC Dome’ Promotional Umbrella

personalized umbrellas - spectrum wood promotional umbrella
fibrestorm promotional umbrella
Budget Storm Golf Umbrella
See through promotional pvc dome umbrella

There are thousands of generalist promo product companies out there who happen to provide promotional umbrellas amongst the portfolio of products they offer. But when it comes to umbrellas you really should be dealing with a promotional umbrella specialist. Here at Umbrella Heaven, our range of promotional umbrellas and personalized umbrellas really is second to none. We offer value for money, quality products for sure and something other companies do not offer….a wide choice. We have a range of promotional and personalized umbrellas designed specifically for printing. Not all of them are on the site. For a no obligation free quotation call us now on 01525 382938 or email for promotional umbrellas, personalized umbrellas, branded umbrellas or advertising umbrellas as they’re also called? Amongst our extensive range of over 700 different types of promotional umbrellas, we have conventional golf-style umbrellas alongside our own range with their distinctive new shape – fresh designs, modern windproof technologies, prices to suit your budget and lots of style. Promotional umbrellas are all about advertising, all about getting noticed and talked about…getting your company logo seen and remembered. We have lots of choice and cater for companies with a limited budget but also provide for companies who want to give their clients and customers something different and very special. Many, many companies choose us to promote their business and for good reason – when it comes to promotional umbrellas or personalized umbrellas our experience and service are hard to match.