UV Protection Garden Parasols

So you’re considering a UV protection garden parasol or garden umbrella?

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UV Protective Garden Parasols / UV Garden Parasols

So you’re considering some protective UV garden parasols or a garden umbrella? If you have sun sensitive skin or a medical condition such as skin cancer or lupus then you really should consider the level of UV protection afforded by UV garden parasols.

A UV protection garden parasol will often have a metallic silver canopy to block the sun’s harmful rays. But you should also consider the way in which ground reflected UV can be deflected from the parabolic shaped underside of a garden parasol onto your head and shoulders. The UV protection garden parasols we sell have a metallic silver outer canopy to block almost all direct UV but they also have a black underside designed to absorb rather than reflect any indirect or ground reflected UV.

With climate change and a growing understanding of the importance of UV protection, making the right choice of UV protection garden umbrellas (or UV protection garden parasols – same thing really!) can be critical. Here at Umbrella Heaven we’ve put a lot of thought into the UV protection parasols that we sell – please browse below and read on at your leisure.