UV Protection Folding Umbrellas

UV folding umbrellas or UV travel parasols as they’re often

UV Protective Folding Compact Travel Umbrellas

Finally people are starting to understand the danger of exposure to the sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays. UV folding umbrellas or UV travel parasols as they’re often referred to are increasingly an essential item when travelling to hot and sunny destinations. UV folding umbrellas are particularly important for people suffering from skin cancer, lupus and other conditions where sun exposure can cause serious medical problems. There are many types of UV protection umbrellas on the market but if you’re travelling you should perhaps be aware that airlines will often not permit a full length umbrella in the cabin as hand luggage. In these circumstances a UV protection folding umbrella that stows away in your bag or rucksack can often be the way to go. We sell some particularly good quality UV protection folding umbrellas and UV protection travel umbrellas here at Umbrella Heaven but please be aware that although more convenient, a folding UV umbrella will never be as strong as a full length UV umbrella – there is a trade off. Please browse through our folding UV protection umbrellas below at your leisure.