Pagoda Umbrellas

Pagoda style umbrellas! For the latest in fashion umbrellas take a look at our fine selection of ladies pagoda umbrellas.

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Pagoda Umbrellas

New pagoda style umbrellas! If you’re looking for the very latest in fashion umbrellas – the Pagoda Umbrella (or Pagoda Parasol) – then take a look at our very fine selection of ladies pagoda umbrellas and pagoda parasols. The pagoda umbrella has a distinctive new pointed canopy shape that is quite different from the traditional shaped umbrella.

There are many different types of pagoda style umbrellas. You’ll find an unsurpassed range of pretty pagoda umbrellas here at Umbrella Heaven. Pagoda fashion umbrellas used to be seen mainly on the cat walks at fashion shows but increasingly we’re seeing pagoda umbrellas and pagoda parasols on the high street. If this had been around in Mary Poppins’ day, you just know this is what she’d have chosen (don’t you think?)

So, if you’re looking for a ladies pagoda umbrella to match that new outfit, take a look at our range of top quality pagoda style umbrellas and you’ll definitely turn heads in a crowd.