Mens Custom Umbrellas

Can’t find the particular colour umbrella you’re looking for?  No problem. Here you can design your own mens custom umbrellas from our wide range of different frames, handles and panel colours.

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Mens Custom Umbrellas

Mens custom umbrellas – gents’ custom umbrellas – men’s custom umbrellas – a gent’s custom made umbrella – a bespoke gent’s custom umbrella – design your own umbrella here at Umbrella Heaven!

Just select one of our great quality golf umbrellas or crook-handled, walking umbrellas, then pick from any of the 53 different available panel colours to create your own personalized umbrella – a gents custom umbrella designed by you in your choice of colours.

When selecting from our custom umbrellas, you can have all 8 panels the same colour or you can have alternating colours – or you can even have all 8 panels completely different – the choice is yours and the cost is the same. Select your handle from the available options and then place your order.

Your custom designed umbrellas will then be manufactured to your very own requirements at the factory here in the UK and delivered to you just a few weeks later – how cool is that?!

There are 3 different golf umbrellas to choose from with different levels of quality including an automatic golf umbrella. There are also 2 different walking umbrellas or city umbrellas with crook handles.

Men’s custom umbrellas can make a superb gift and show someone just how much you care. Does his rugby team or college have a particularly unusual colour combination? So, if you really can’t find the precise colour or colour combination why not create your very own gent’s custom umbrella?