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Ladies Compact Umbrellas – Ladies Folding Umbrellas – Ladies Travel Umbrellas

Ladies compact umbrellas, ladies folding umbrellas, ladies telescopic umbrellas, ladies travel umbrellas – if you’re looking for a ladies compact umbrella for your handbag, a ladies folding umbrella for convenience of use or a ladies travel umbrella (ladies telescopic umbrella) to pack away in your suitcase or rucksack – then you’ve come to the right place!

Browse through our huge selection above and take a look at the many options. You’ll find we have manual opening ladies compact folding umbrellas and auto-open ladies travel umbrellas, some plain coloured some patterned and printed.

A ladies telescopic umbrella, a ladies handbag umbrella can never really be quite as strong in the wind as a long, walking style umbrella – there are just too many linkages. But, then again, you can’t stow a full length umbrella away in your handbag – it’s the convenience factor that sets it apart.

Whether manual opening or automatic, we’re sure to have a ladies compact umbrella, ladies folding umbrella or ladies travel umbrella to suit your budget and in the colour you’re seeking.