Flower Petal Swirl Umbrellas

Looking for flower umbrellas? Welcome to our new Flower Petal umbrellas or Petal Swirl Umbrellas, as they’re also called.

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    Flower Petal Swirl Umbrellas

    Looking for flower umbrellas and flower shaped umbrellas? - Welcome to our new Flower Petal umbrellas; Flower Petal Swirl umbrellas. This ingenious and striking new design creates a swirl umbrella, a swirl of colourful overlapping petals.  Every now and again in the world of umbrella design, we discover or create something fresh, new and excitingly different.  We think these new Petal Swirl Flower Shaped Umbrellas (available in beige, black, dark blue, pink and red) could well be the next big fashion item in the world of umbrellas and parasols. Go ahead and be one of the first to stand out in the crowd with a new Petal Swirl Umbrella in the colour to match your outfit. With an elegant faux leather crook handle, auto-open push button release mechanism and flexible fibreglass ribs your Petal Swirl Umbrella makes for a stunning gift with that real WOW factor - go on - get one for your girl, give it a whirl, get a swirl and give it a twirl.