Sport Umbrellas

Sport umbrellas – golf umbrellas – sports umbrellas and golfing umbrellas suitable for all outdoor sports and events …

Sport Umbrellas – Golf Umbrellas – Fishing Umbrellas …

Golf umbrellas (or Sport umbrellas as they’re also known) is where umbrella technology really comes to the fore. In a high tech world you need high tech equipment to become the best at what you do. Our range of Sport / Golf umbrellas was conceived and developed with this in mind.

Ultra-violet (UV) protection, air-vents, double-dome wind-resilience technology, Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) are just some of the features that help our golfing umbrella range stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Whether you’re just looking for a cheap golf umbrella or a top of the range windproof golf umbrella; a plain golfing umbrella or a branded golfing umbrella; a manual opening golfing umbrella or an automatic golfing umbrella, we aim to have a golfing umbrella to suit your requirements.

But this category is not just all about golf umbrellas – our title, you may have noticed says Sport & Golf Umbrellas. In fact, as a spectator of any of our great outdoor sports and events you need a large umbrella capable of keeping you dry sometimes for hours on end – and preferably an umbrella that will withstand the wind. You’ll find a good selection of these right here at Umbrella Heaven. We also have some superb fishing umbrellas – so, for a quality golf umbrella or fishing umbrella that won’t break the bank, browse on!