Men's Umbrellas

We offer an extensive range of men’s umbrellas. From compact folding to full length golf or crook handled walking style men’s brollies.

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Mens Umbrellas

If you’re looking for good quality mens umbrellas, then take a look at our expansive range! Gents’ brollies with quality and style. We have worked hard to incorporate something for everyone. They are all top quality and we are offering them at very affordable prices. Our range of parasols are unique. Many of our mens umbrellas come with combinations of vents, modern fibreglass frames for extra wind-resistance, UV protection linings and various other different types of wind-resilience and weather protection technology – which means they will not break if blown inside out by the wind.

Our fantastic range really is totally unrivalled. We offer traditional gents’ parasols and also more modern men’s brollies. Where else can you find more quality, choice and practicality? We offer windproof, folding, hands free shoulder strap parasols and much more!

Sizes to suit all and not just in boring black. You can choose from a range of bright, cheery colours. Need UV protection? No problem… some of our gents’ range offers this too. We’ve got you covered come rain or shine.